• Maker space NextFab Studio re-opens in Philadelphia

    by  • January 19, 2013 • 5-axis tools, community shops, maker spaces, shopbot, water jet cutter

    ShopBot’s Ted Hall reports, “This past Thursday Jan. 17 I participated in the Re-Opening of NextFab Studio … an amazing local maker-space in Philadelphia. It’s a large workshop with all the equipment you can imagine, great individual work spaces, an operating Cafe, and some amazing digital fab tools, including a large 5-Axis water-jet cutter. Looks like a terrific spot to mingle & MAKE in Philly. NextFab is the inspiration of Evan Malone, who as a student at Cornell was an early pioneer in low-end, 3d printing (search: fab@home).”
    “They had a very large crowd for opening night, and John Haggerty, NextFab’s ShopBot guru Carter, and I stood by their ShopBot and answered questions about CNC and ShopBotting. People seemed very excited about things they want to do when they get their hands on the equipment at NextFab. Renowned ShopBotting signmaker Kitty Hajczewski came by to say hello (and noted she might be heading to the Florida Camp this year to participate in the sign-making component). And, of course, John and I snuck off for a few minutes to watch that 5-axis water jet in operation.”



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