• Newsletter #1 05-21-09

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    100kGarages news: 05-21-09

    * 100kGarages will be at the Maker Faire in San Mateo on the last weekend in May. If you’re a ShopBot owner or potential Fabber, stop by the ShopBot booth in the Show Barn to hear more or let us know what you’re thinking about 100kGarages. The Ponoko crew will be at the Maker Faire as well, and would love to hear from Makers and Designers so make sure to pay them a visit.

    * Our blog is now live at http://blog.100kgarages.com and will be full of all kinds of updates, tips, and just things we find interesting. We also have a new forum at http://forum.100kgarages.com for discussing all things 100kGarages-related

    * We’ll be opening up registration for the first phase of 100kGarages…the Fabbers Map that Makers and Designers can use to find a local shop…to registered ShopBot owners during the Maker Faire. So if you own a used ShopBot and haven’t re-registered it with ShopBot yet, contact ShopBot and they’ll get you registered as the “official” owner. It quick and free!


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