• Signing up as a Fabber…what we’ll need from ShopBot owners

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    We’ll be opening up Fabber registration to ShopBotters in the next couple of weeks that will give you a pushpin in the Fabber map and let you bid on jobs in the Job Board when it comes online. The requirements for this first level of participation are pretty simple…

    * ShopBot must have you listed as the tool’s owner with the correct details like address, contact info, etc. It can be either a PRT or a PRS (and a PRS tool will be a plus), but  as long as you’re confident in the accuracy of your ShopBot and can cut at a reasonable speed. You’ll also need either PartWorks software or VCarve Pro.

    * This is a business opportunity so you must have any and all business licenses required by your locality.

    * You’ll need to have a webpage to show some examples of the work that you do, and an email address for contact. If you don’t have one already there are lots of free and low-cost options..

    * You’ll need to agree to honor whatever Intellectual Property rights the customer or Designer has put on their design. This is a “one strike and you’re out” policy with us and if we receive any complaints we will immediately suspend your account until it is resolved.

    If you bought your ShopBot yourself or through your business then the ownership verification process will be pretty simple, but if you bought it secondhand you’ll need to register it with ShopBot. You can get a headstart on the process by assembling any information you have on the tool including contact information for the previous owner and the serial number that’s on the white label on the board in the control box. Then contact ShopBot and tell them that you want to register a second-hand tool.


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