• PhysicalDesignCo teams up with 100kGarages

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    PhysicalDesignCo, the innovative design group of MIT Architects that creates digitally fabricated structures like the New Orleans house in the MoMA “Home Delivery” show, recently announced that they will be using 100kGarages Fabbers to manufacture their custom designs for easy-to-assemble interlocking structures. Pioneers in the field of user-generated architecture and digital fabrication, PhysicalDesignCo will soon begin exclusively posting their cutting jobs on the 100kGarages jobBoard, for Fabbers to bid on.

    Since these jobs will be different than most jobs that Fabbers might do, requiring friction-fit joinery and potentially some unusual cutting techniques, PhysicalDesignCo is developing a simple Fabber certification pre-requisite that involves cutting one of their free sample projects (available soon) and submitting documentation of the finished project. Any Fabber that completes this certification is then able to bid on PhysicalDesignCo jobs.

    ShopBot and PhysicalDesignCo have worked together for many years, on the MoMA house and several Maker Faire structures. We’re excited to continue this relationship and make mass-customized structures available to a wider audience through 100kGarage.


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