• ShopBot Project Wizard moves to 100kGarages (partly at least)

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    For those of you familiar with ShopBot’s Project Wizard project, our long-term vision for it was always that it would be a place that ANYONE could find neat projects to make and find Fabbers to cut them (read about it in the PW blog). As 100kGarages has evolved we realized that it had the potential to fulfill that vision, and that there was no point in having 2 separate places for people to have to log in and keep track of.  So we’re in the process of moving the Project Wizard projects to 100kGarages, to make things simpler for everyone, along with a bunch of newer stuff.

    We’re just getting started with the move but you can check it out at projects.100kgarages.com. You can also get there from any page from the “Free projects to make” link in the sidebar. As you can guess all the files are free so far, so check them out.

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