• A Fabber’s Thoughts on the New Industrial Revolution

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    I have been wanting to post some thoughts on two recent, heavily discussed, blog articles , Chris Anderson’s (of Wired Magazine) report on new kinds of small manufacturing operations and Joel Johnson’s (of gizmodo) spirited critique. Between the two, there’s been a lot of good discussion of the ways in which new technologies do and do not enable new models of production, particularly in terms of ways in which small shops and small-time producers can be realistically competitive.

    But before I was able to articulate anything of value, Jeffrey McGrew of Because We Can posted an “analysis from the trenches”, that contains both reality-testing as well as a lot of inspiration. I’d encourage ShopBotters who have any kind of interest in digital fabrication services, Making & Fabbing, distributed manufacturing, or values and lifestyle choices in creative careers, to have a look at Jeffrey’s blog. And, just as a side note, Jeffrey and Jillian will be speaking about their operation at this year’s ShopBot Jamboree (April 23-24 in Durham).


    Ted Hall is the founder and CEO of ShopBot Tools, Inc.


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