• Furniture Makers are Thinking and Working Green

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    Furniture maker and Furniture Society Board of Trustees President Steffi Dotson has published an article, “Green Furniture: As Assessment of Furniture Society Member Work” in the Journal of Green Building, which was recently reprinted on the Furniture Society’s website. Ms. Dotson reports on how members of the Society ply their trade in ways that are conscious of Earth’s limited natural resources. The article gives a fascinating look at how makers, educators and businesses are thinking about materials sourcing, use and waste, energy used in manufacturing, recyclability of their products, and fair labor practices.
    The article highlights ShopBot and CNC technology, which enables designers and makers to reduce waste, as well as our 100kGarages.com community, which enables designers, fabbers and customers to collaborate — “shipping digital files, not stuff” —to reduce the carbon footprint created by shipping furniture long distances.  Read the full article at the Furniture Society website.



    Michael Berliner is a marketing strategist and copywriter, and regular contributing writer at 100kGarages.com. www.linkedin.com/in/michaelpberliner/ mberliner.shopbot@gmail.com


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