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    Another week, another set of projects that keep my ShopBot humming. Here is video of some of the cutting that I have done this past week! McKenzie Digital Fab video


    The first part of the video starts out cutting an impact modified acrylic for a customer of mine who is making windshields for side by side ATVs. (This is a project still in development so I can’t share pix). They are being cut with the same Onsrud bit that I showcased in the last post. The Onsrud 66-087 ¼”. The RPM for the bit is 18K and the feed rate is 5 IPS.

    Onsrud Bit

    Onsrud Bit

    The Second and Third portions of the video are of a job that was referred to me by a friend. It is cutting a few profile letters and shapes out of ½” PVC. The Onsrud 52-624 1/4″low helix bit was used for this. I cut these parts at ~16,500-17,000 RPM and cut at 4IPS.

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Happy Cutting!



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