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    Based in Mission, British Columbia, Mainland Woodworks is a family-run design and wood crafting team that is able to bring ideas from a dream to a reality that you can see, touch and admire for years to come. Mainland Woodworkers has joined the 100kGarages community, and is pleased to offer a wide range of professional sign production and wood milling services:

    • Custom 3D Signs & Installation
    • Design & Consultation
    • CNC planing & Carving
    • Architectural Details
    • Digital 3D pre-visualization
    • Live Edge Slab products

    James Spouler, the company founder, is a 1998 graduate of the 3D Animation & Digital Effects Program at Vancouver Film School.  After 12 years in the television and film industry, he was ready for a change.  Spouler wanted to “find a way of continuing to use the tools of that job, but in a more tangible way; (he wanted) to make real things that last.”

    Back in 2008, Spouler looked at the resources surrounding him and committed to developing a family company. The family’s research led them to MechMate, a website that housed open-source plans and a supportive community. They built a 5′ x 10′ MechMate CNC router table in 2009. Thus launched the beginnings of Mainland Woodworks.  Created organically from the ground up, Spouler said, “After about 6 months of building the thing, we started cutting.”  His enthusiasm and satisfaction has since rarely waned.

    Currently, you can find Spouler putting the finishing touches on a set of sailboat rudders, working on a birch bathroom sink, or involved in a design program building a large public bench.

    How does he maintain his excitement for his craft?  According to Spouler, “People with good ideas.”  He admits to struggling with generating ideas of his own and elaborates with “(it’s) almost like the constraints of a pre-existing idea allow me to be more creative within it.”  Upcoming projects, Spouler hopes, embody the elements of originality and pleasure; in order to trigger his creativity he prefers to experience resonance with a design idea.  He sums it up with “Show me an idea, if it resonates with me, let’s make it!”

    Birch bathroom sink in progress

    Birch bathroom sink in progress

    Mainland Woodworks recently blogged about their design and build of a beautiful bathroom vanity counter top made of laminated birch plywood, with the sink integrated to be all one piece. Here’s a photo of the work in progress.

    To read the full post, visit http://www.mainlandwoodworks.com/1/post/2013/03/bathroom-countersink.html

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