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    100kGarages member Ryan Patterson, who is also the head of Production Support at ShopBot, was sitting at his ShopBot Tools desk when he saw a problem calling out for an innovative solution. “Our main office area at ShopBot is a large, open environment,” Ryan explained. “People receiving texts, notifications, emails and phone calls on their cell phones can create a sometimes annoying chorus of sounds – not to mention, if multiple people use the same sounds, then you have the momentary confusion over whose phone was that??”

    Ryan thought it would be useful and cool to come up with a way to notify you with light instead of sound, and that’s how his MyHue concept came into being. MyHue is a unique visual notification system that displays colors when you receive a text, e-mail or other notification on your phone.

    The MyHue is available in two sizes with several lens designs to select from. We are also offering customization on the lenses of up to 15 characters. You can add your company name, your name, initials, etc.

    The MyHue is available in two sizes with several lens designs to select from. They are also offering customization on the lenses of up to 15 characters. You can add your company name, your name, initials, etc.

    Ryan noted, “I thought it would be much better to have a visual display on my desk and not need the audio. I knew my coworkers would be much happier as well. Using MyHue, each time I receive a notification, MyHue displays a color preselected for that particular notification. With my settings, blue means I have a text, red is a new e mail and white is a phone call.”

    Another lens design

    Another lens design

    Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 1.42.43 PM

    Ryan continued, “I realized MyHue would be great in many other environments. My wife works in a very quiet office where the sound of an incoming text is a distraction to others. She also spends a lot of time with customers on the phone.  She does not want customers to hear her cell phone notifications being heard in the background.  MyHue sits on her desk and she instantly knows she has a notification without disturbing anyone. The same goes for a noisy environment. When I am in my wood working shop, I cannot hear an incoming text or call, but MyHue lets me know I have one.”

    Patterson also took the idea a step further and created multiple MyHues.  “This works great when I am at home,” Ryan explained. “If my phone is in the bedroom, I will receive a notification when I am in the living room, kitchen or back patio – anywhere I have a MyHue.”

    The MyHue project was featured recently on Kickstarter. While it didn’t reach its initial fundraising goal, Ryan has plans for new crowdfunding; as the product begins to take off, Ryan envisions using the 100kGarages network of fabbers to help with production. Here’s the Kickstarter video:

    Any garage can become a micro-factory for YOUR great idea.

    Ryan will be bringing the MyHue to the 2014 Maker Faire NYC, September 20 & 21st. He’ll demonstrate the micro-manufacturing process for MyHue at ShopBot’s booth at the Faire. Ryan explained, “We’ll show a three step process, using our ShopBot Desktop and Handibot® Smart Power Tool. The steps include cutting out the wooden base (and personalizing it with initials, etc., if you wish); cutting the acrylic piece that acts as the lens (and customizing that as well); and precision-cutting the copper circuit board.” After that, it’s pack it up, ship it out!

    “So many makers have found their way to becoming Maker Pros, designing and manufacturing their own products,” said Ryan, “We’re looking forward to showing at the Maker Faire how that can happen.”

    He started in carpentry, and continues to support cabinetmakers.

    Ryan has over 20 years experience in carpentry. He said, “I began my career as a finish carpenter and cabinet installer. I progressed to cabinet sales, design and manufacturing, opening my own business in 1996. At this point I invested in a CNC router and found a need for affordable cabinet software, so I developed software for cabinet manufacturing with a CNC.”

    “I released software called ‘CabinetPartsPro,’ for public sale in 2004,” explained Ryan. “I have continuously made upgrades to the software which brought it to its current capacity. CabinetPartsPro is a comprehensive solution to produce cabinetry using a CNC router.”

    IMG_0426Ryan has been with ShopBot Tools since 2007. “I’ve learned many aspects of the CNC business at ShopBot,” explained Ryan. He’s worked in ShopBot sales, tech support, user training, product development and production, and now leads the Production Support efforts.

    Production Support means working with customers to help them solve production challenges such as new product introductions, the use of new materials, or a need for a change in workflows. Production Support can range from helping the ShopBot user choose a new CNC tool, building them a custom tool, or reconfiguring an existing tool with the right accessories to help the customer succeed. Learn more about ShopBot’s Production Support services here.

    If you’re coming to NYC Maker Faire, be sure to stop into the ShopBot booth and say hello to Ryan!






    Michael Berliner is a marketing strategist and copywriter, and regular contributing writer at 100kGarages.com. www.linkedin.com/in/michaelpberliner/ mberliner.shopbot@gmail.com


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