• On Digital Fab and the Next Industrial Revolution

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    During the last several years I have written a number of times about digital fabrication being the catalyst for the “next industrial revolution”. As our own best example, we see our “open” design, development, and production plans for the Handibot Smart Tool as a good example of how the potential of digital fab might be used to create a new and attractive framework for manufacturing in small shops.


    Digital-fab joinery is used in the Handibot exoframe.

    I’ve recently summarized some of the design and manufacturing principles at play for such production collaboration in response to questions from a potential Handibot customer wondering how we plan to deliver upgrades to Handibots in a manner that is attractive to users while still practical for us as a business.


    Stages in early Handibot evolution.

    There are a lot of unknowns in all this, but have a look at the post learn more about what we are up to. We’re hoping that eventually, Handibot production will be of interest to shops represented in the 100kGarage network. READ MORE …


    Ted Hall is the founder and CEO of ShopBot Tools, Inc.


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