• About Jerry Davis

    Jerry Davis is the Wilbur K. Pierpont Professor of Management at the Ross School of Business and Professor of Sociology, The University of Michigan. Davis received his PhD from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford and previously taught at Northwestern and Columbia. Recent books include Social Movements and Organization Theory; Organizations and Organizing; and Managed By the Markets: How Finance Reshaped America. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of Administrative Science Quarterly and Co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Committee on Organization Studies (ICOS) at Michigan. His upcoming books in progress include Grassroots Social Innovation (forthcoming, Harvard Business Review Press), a guide for “social intrapreneurs” who want to use their company’s resources to create positive social impact, and Life After the Corporation, which documents the ongoing collapse of the public corporation in the US and the proliferation of alternative ways of doing business enabled by new technologies.


    How affordable CNC can re-make industry: thoughts on technology and business structure

    by  • October 27, 2013 • collaboration, distributed manufacturing, Maker Movement, shopbot, The New Industrial Revolution • 5 Comments

    How does technology influence the size and shape of business?  What’s the most effective kind of organization to house low-cost CNC tools?  What are the opportunities ahead? The rapid decline in the cost of capital equipment such as CNC tools, along with the capacity to share or sell designs around the world, suggest that...

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