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    People, Not Pixels: Thoughts on start-up success from the Standing Desk Ninja

    by  • January 22, 2014 • collaboration, community shops, maker spaces, prototyping, shopbot, The Digital Fab Revolution, The New Industrial Revolution • 1 Comment

    The Ninja Standing Desk is just like it sounds — and it may well be the world’s first portable and affordable version of the permanently installed workstations you see around office and home businesses around the country. The “Ninja” behind the Ninja Standing Desk (www.NinjaStandingDesk.com) is San Franciscan Dan McDonley, and his product has...

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    If you build it, they will come…and be amazed: The 2-day Wikihouse build at World Maker Faire NYC

    by  • November 4, 2013 • collaboration, distributed manufacturing, Maker Movement, shopbot, The Digital Fab Revolution, The New Industrial Revolution

    This Fall 2013, a team comprised of software engineers and designers from Colorado and Massachusetts, architects from the UK, and some ShopBotting digital fabbers from Virginia got together and built a house.  In two days. Thousands of Maker Faire-ians walked around inside it and checked it out, and learned about the easy-to-use software employed...

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    How affordable CNC can re-make industry: thoughts on technology and business structure

    by  • October 27, 2013 • collaboration, distributed manufacturing, Maker Movement, shopbot, The New Industrial Revolution • 5 Comments

    How does technology influence the size and shape of business?  What’s the most effective kind of organization to house low-cost CNC tools?  What are the opportunities ahead? The rapid decline in the cost of capital equipment such as CNC tools, along with the capacity to share or sell designs around the world, suggest that...

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    Distributed Digital Fabrication of Handibot Smart Tools Using the 100kGarage Network

    by  • July 9, 2013 • collaboration, community shops, distributed manufacturing, Handibot Power Tool, Maker Movement, maker spaces, The Digital Fab Revolution, The New Industrial Revolution • 4 Comments

    We recently launched our Kickstarter campaign (www.Handibot.com/fund) for the development of ShopBot’s new Handibot Smart Tool. We seem to be off to a good start in the campaign, but we have a number of goals for the campaign beyond just selling Handibots. The two most important to us are:  1) getting the understanding and...

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    The Opportunity and the Challenge … for Distributed Manufacturing

    by  • June 22, 2013 • collaboration, distributed manufacturing, The Digital Fab Revolution • 0 Comments

    Right now, our friends Anne Filson and Gary Rohrbacher (AtFAB), are undertaking a Kickstarter campaign (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/filson-rohrbacher/furniture-fabbed-locally) that will grow and promote small-shop digital fabrication. Anne and Gary are longtime users and promoters of 100kGarages. More importantly, they are evangelists for distributed manufacturing – for using power of digital fabrication to get production back into...

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    “How to Make a Makerspace” attracts crowd of entrepreneurs to Artisan’s Asylum

    by  • February 20, 2013 • collaboration, community shops, distributed manufacturing, Maker Movement

    The weekend of February 1 and 2, ShopBot’s Martha Barbour and Bill Young attended the How to Make a Makerspace event held at Artisan’s Asylum, a community Makerspace in Somerville, Massachusetts. ShopBot Tools was a sponsor and featured equipment vendor at the event, hosted by Artisan’s Asylum and MAKE Magazine. The goal of this...

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    MAKE’s Hardware Innovation Conference and the Maker Movement

    by  • January 29, 2013 • collaboration, distributed manufacturing, Maker Movement, The Digital Fab Revolution

    “ as significant as the shift from agriculture to the early industrial era.” Jeremy Rikin, Wharton economist. Bloomberg Business Week, 2/16/12  “Artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital manufacturing . . . these technologies will make manufacturing more creative, less expensive, more local and more personal.” Washington Post, 1/10/12  Last Spring, Bill Young...

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